About us

Is it very important to urgently deliver parcels or documents? Competent organization and speed of delivery strengthens the image and credibility of the business, thus, increases its competitiveness and efficiency. The courier delivery service BTS Express Cargo Servis ensures efficiency and meeting deadlines for supply contracts in the market relations system, therefore, it is actively used by individuals in various situations.
By providing our partners with high-quality and reliable services, we have won the trust of over 700 companies and over 5,000 private clients, which is one of our main advantages and achievements. For us, the most important thing is to justify your trust and this is an integral part of our business.
We appreciate each customer, any cargo - a gift for the anniversary or the documents will be delivered to the addressee in full safety and on time. Each employee of our team values ​​the reputation of the company and guarantees timely urgent delivery not only to any region of Uzbekistan, but also to most countries of the world.
Our courier delivery service will deliver to the addressee packages or parcels as quickly as possible, not later than the stipulated time. In drawing up the optimal logistics chain, we use all types of transport. The service does not depend on weather, weekends and holidays. On any given day of the week, exactly at a certain time, your addressee will receive your package.


  • Inception of BTS Express Cargo Servis in Bukhara and with Bukhara-Tashkent direction only.
  • Only 1 vehicle serving customers and delegates in regions
  • Number of BTS Express Cargo Servis vehicles increased to 25 due to expansion of the business
  • Establishment of BTS Express Cargo Servis offices in 12 regions of Uzbekistan
  • BTS Express Cargo Servis expanded its horizons and introduced International Mail Delivery services to its customers
  • Number of BTS Express Cargo Servis vehicles increased to 65 due to expansion of the business


Our mission is to unite people. We provide reliable and affordable postal services in Uzbekistan and around the world. We maintain the economic and political integrity of Uzbekistan and contribute to its integration into the world community. We create high-quality jobs and strive to realize the potential of each of our employees.
The strategic goal is to make the cargo services of Uzbekistan a profitable, customer-oriented, efficient and technological service company, a reliable and modern provider of postal, logistics and financial services for the whole country.