Express Delivery

When there is no time to wait, when every minute counts, you can entrust your documents to the couriers of BTS Express Cargo Servis. We will provide timely and guaranteed delivery, strictly observing the standards of high level of service for each client. BTS Express Cargo Servis offers you the services of express delivery of shipments in Uzbekistan, including the most remote corners of the country, also, door-to-door or express delivery service.

Our points of issue of orders are located in 22 settlements of Uzbekistan, work according to a schedule that suits even working people! We are changing. Every day we are working to improve the quality of our services, introducing new technologies, expanding the network of branches in Uzbekistan. And we all do this exclusively for you.

Check the availability of the point of issue of orders in your city and the city of the recipient, determine the amount of your parcel and see the approximate cost using the "Online calculator".


Names of Package price Plus for each next 0.5 kg
service packages up to 500 grams until

15  kg

15  kg

50  kg

200  kg *
От 1000 кг*until

1000  kg *
1 "ECONOMY" (from the BTS office to the BTS office) 8 000 UZS 3 000 UZS 2 500 UZS 2 000 UZS 1 500  UZS* 1 000  UZS*
2 "CONVENIENT" (Economy + Call service OR delivery by Courier, the service is distributed to cities where there are BTS offices) 17 000 UZS
3 "BTS FAMILY" door to door service
26 000 UZS
 (in all cities where there are BTS offices)
4 "FAR FOTS" service From Door to Door for inhabited points where there are no BTS offices 44 000 UZS

* With a weight above 100kg, Courier call and Delivery services to the recipient are carried out without payment.

Names of Q-ty From BTS office to From sender to plus
  recipient price recipient price
service packages (weight up to kg) (weight up to kg) (for each kg)
1 "CITY" (Delivery within the city of documents, letters, parcels and cargo) Up to 50 pcs 9 000 UZS 17 000 UZS 2 000 UZS
Above 50 pcs 8 500 UZS 14 000 UZS 2 000 UZS
Above 100 pcs 8 000 UZS 12 000 UZS 2 000 UZS
Above 150 pcs 7 500 UZS 11 000 UZS 2 000 UZS
Above 250 pcs 7 000 UZS 10 000 UZS 2 000 UZS
  • When shipping goods higher than 1 kg via AVIA transport, the price is calculated in a threefold amount.